If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

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100 Year Stories

The Best Kind of Inheritance

Forget about the family photos or summer home. The best kind of inheritance is the one that belongs to children of parents who live to

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Your Child’s Amazing Body

At 100 Year Lifestyle we know your body is amazing! Together, we recently took a head to toe inventory of your amazing body and its

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Education 100

From Heretic to Hero

Comments regarding Dr. Robert Mendelsohn range from heretic to hero. Anyone who has heard me speak knows I have been lucky enough to have many

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Fitness and Nutrition 100

Got Monsanto’s Glyphosate in Your Lunch?

Got Monsanto’s glyphosate in your lunch?  New test results show the presence of Glyphosate, a proven neurotoxin and the declared active chemical in Monsanto’s Roundup, to be contaminating

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Glyphosate in Childhood Vaccines

Moms & Scientists Demand FDA & CDC Test Vaccines for Glyphosate Glyphosate, a chemical ingredient found in Monsanto’s Roundup and hundreds of other herbicides, has

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Parenting 100

Moms Shocking Discovery

Zen Honeycutt is the founder and Executive Director of Moms Across America. This moms shocking discovery regarding glyphosate may literally save a generation of children.

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Baby Birth
Pregnancy and Childbirth

Lifetime Effects of Birth Trauma

Lifetime effects of birth trauma need to be understood and dealt with. When the neck is affected during birth, serious injuries occur that can affect

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